Samstag, 20. September 2008

Thomas Gifford: Protector

I started reading Thomas Gifford quite a while ago and delayed to finish the book somewhere in the second part.

As I think to remember, the story was quite interesting at the beginning, but was a bit boring when Rodger Godwin told what he has done when he lived in Paris somewhen in the late 1920s. While toiling myself to read through this part the story gets a new drive at some point at gets more interesting till it was so interesting that I even can't stop reading.

But let's look a bit at the story. It's basically playing in the time of World War 2. The main person is a journalist, called Rodger Goodwin who is from Iowa in the US. Together with his old friend Max Hood who is working for the english intelligence service, he starts an attack on the Wüstenfuchs Erwin Rommel. This attack is quite a disaster. Max Hood and all the other people in this operation die. Only Rodger Goodwin survives the attack. The whole operation was betrayed at the Germans. Now the story gets really interesting as Rodger is under suspicion, but the reader knows that there are maybe at least two other persons involved: Cilla Hood, the wife of Max and also the concubine of Rodger and Monk Vardan, the helping hand of the premier Winston Churchill and also a good friend of Max and Rodger.

At the end, I really enjoyed this story and I think it was worth buying.

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